Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have to start somewhere.

I have debated for many years as to whether or not to start a blog.  It seems like such brain vomit, egotistical to think that anyone would want to read what I have to say.  Seriously, I don't even like living in my head most of the time.  However, now that the opportunity has presented itself to go on a humanitarian trip to Haiti, I thought it would be easier to post a blog about what I'll be doing while I'm there than for me to send various emails to several people that I think/hope will want to know what I'm up to while I am there.  

And what will I be up to while I'm there?  We will be dividing our time between clinics and orphanages.  The team I'm going with consists of physical and occupational therapists, nurses, doctors, and 2 social workers.  We will all be teaching some sort of class, the other social worker and I will be teaching play and art therapy to care providers at one of the orphanages.  I'm going to have to brush up on my Creole (read:  actually learn Creole) in an effort to be able to communicate even the littlest bit with the folks we will be meeting there.  

We will also be going to Carnival in Jacmel for a few days.  I was hesitant to go on that excursion because really I wanted to be down there to hang out with kids and volunteer, but the group leader talked me into it.  I believe "It will be a great experience" was said more than once.  There will also be some beach time.  The weather has been in the high 80's/low 90's so it will be a welcome reprieve from the cold and rain in my beloved Portland.

My only concern:  shortly after arriving in Haiti we received an email from Gail, our team leader, describing a bug that was so big she couldn't kill it.  Hmmm...

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David Leventhal said...

Well, well, well....welcome to the blog world. I'll be sure to add this to my RSS feed & I'll try not to get my feelings hurt that we didn't make the cut for your blogroll.

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