Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day in the city

We went into Port-au-Prince today. We were able to drive around a lot of the city and saw various sights and bought a little bit of art.

Here is a photo of our complete team in front of the Plaza National.

And this is Bookman, the slave who laid out the plan for the only successful slave revolt in the western hemisphere which happened in Haiti in 1791. It is interesting to see the dichotomy between the two backgrounds.

I saw a pig in a dumpster rooting around, 3 ridiculously skinny dogs eating food in the street and several goats. Strangely, I haven't seen any cats since I've been here although I hear they cooked some for the team last year. I was told that the cats generally come out in the evening but that since they are eaten in Haiti you don't usually see many of them roaming the streets as you would elsewhere.

It was a little obnoxious to have some group members take photos of people on the street without permission. I could tell the Haitians did not want their pictures taken when they were attempting to sell us stuff. Seems a little exploitative to me.

Tonight Gail has a "surprise" for us. We're going to an Italian restaurant which makes me a little apprehensive, other than that she will not tell us what the rest of the surprise is and is very coy when I ask questions about how we are getting to the surprise. I guess I'll have to fill you in later.

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