Friday, February 20, 2009


Saw RAM last night and they were fantastic! I'll post photos when I get back on Monday from Jacmel. We're leaving any minute now to get there for Carnival. On the way we're splitting up into two outreach clinics, I'll probably be with the pediatricians again as it is on lower ground and I don't think my stomach can handle a long, curvy road to the adult clinic.

I'll be unable to get the internet when we're in Jacmel, so I'll explain about my exploits when I return!

Photos from RAM:

I had a much better time than I anticipated. It was certainly crowded and I needed to stay in the spot I had picked out for the entire show for fear of losing it. Of course, I wasn't able to understand a word they were singing, but I was told by Gail that their lyrics have something to do with voudou and protest. When we did finally get up to leave I was definitely thankful for my aggressive streak. The outside air was a welcome relief.

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