Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amsterdam, you are a sunny day

Our third, and final, day in Ansterdam has not disappointed. We woke up with sun streaming through the windows and a crisp fall day. Had it been raining we would have gone to some museums but decided not to waste the day inside. We headed out to the Jordaan area to get breakfast and walk around. Jordaan is our favorite area of the city, lots of narrow streets, shops and cafes. After breakfast we walked down touristy Kalverstraat towards Rembrandtplein. We sat at an outdoor cafe for a couple of hours.

Tonight we are hoping to get reservations at Tempo Doeloe, an Indonesian rijsttafel. We have a long travel day ahead of us tomorrow, leaving early to get to Ethiopia. Meeting Tariku on Friday. Ben and I will be busy on the flight thinking of questions for the nannies who have cared for him as well as his birth father who we anticipate meeting this weekend.

My iPhone doesn't let me upload photos (at least I don't know how) but hopefully we'll be able to use the computer in Addis Ababa to load some although I suspect any readers out there are much more interested in pictures of the babe than goofy photos of me and Ben.


Smiths said...

Micah just grabbed me and showed me the pictures of Ben and Tariku! Beautiful. I get chills. Congratulations!

Let us know the second you consider having some Utahan visitors :)

TraceyLeigh said...

I want to see pictures of both!!! Mostly I want to see a picture of YOU holding that baby boy!! I need it for my fridge!!