Sunday, September 5, 2010

One week...

In exactly one week I leave.

In exactly one week I fly off for my third trip to my favorite city.

In exactly one week I get a short, second honeymoon with my favorite person.

In exactly one week I leave en route to meet my soon-to-be favorite kid in the entire world.

In exactly one week I start the journey to my new life as mama.

In exactly one week I begin a life-altering experience where things will never ever be again the way they are today.

Am I ready? No.

But I cannot wait.

Cannot. Wait.

Baby boy, love of my life. I cannot wait to meet you.


Mr Lonely said...

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TraceyLeigh said...

I am oh so very excited for you both. Enjoy your time together before you meet your son. As usual I am amazed by you I know this next chapter in your life will bring you much joy! I can't wait to see and meet your addition to the famly!

Laura said...

Best of Luck to you both! Can't wait to hear how things went. You're going to do great! Just relax and enjoy the ride!

Stephanie said...

Love your new page design. Very happy for you Mel!