Sunday, October 24, 2010

The goods...

Baby boy has been home a full month. That seems really fast. As the time draws nearer for Ben and I to return to work and TK to go to day care I'm starting to get a little jittery. By no means do I want to be a stay at home mom, that just isn't for me. But I also don't want to miss all the stuff I'm going to miss when we're apart. And I don't want Ben to miss it either. Can't I have my job and my time with my baby too? Sheesh.

He seems to be adjusting well and I think the attachment is right on track. He is IN LOVE with Ben, has cried when a couple of our male friends have come over to the house. I think because he is use to having so many ladies raise him that I'm just another set of boobs. Hopefully that will change soon.

Since he's been home he has:
learned to clap
learned to fake cough
has stood, unaided, for a few seconds
shown us that he has a huge appetite and will eat anything we put in front of him (still not fond of avocados)

We took TK on his first trip to the beach. He loved the beach, loved playing with the sand. He did not love the car ride home, which is only about an hour and 1/2. He was miserable the whole time, which means we were miserable the whole time. I was hoping to drive to the Bay area to spend Thanksgiving with my family and introduce them to the boy. Looks like that trip is on hold.


*~~**~~**~ Sheree said...

He is beautiful!!!! He will break hearts with those eyes alone :-)

Smiths said...

Love that little guy- can't wait to see him on the beach here!