Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mom Club

TK does not like to take afternoon naps.

He goes down fine in the morning, usually a couple of hours after waking up. But in the afternoon, unless he is in the car (pointless burning of fossil fuels) or in the stroller (we need a rain cover!), he will not fall asleep. This means that around noonish he starts to turn into a very unhappy baby. Our usually mild-mannered, good-natured babe will whine and cry and will not fall asleep.

Today Ben took Carl to the dog wash which was long over due. That dog stunk. While he was gone TK stared whining and crying. For 20 minutes. That might not seem long to you but, oh, the frustration! I changed his diaper. I fed him. Still the boy was miserable. So I decided to go for a stroll. Luckily there was a break in the rain at just the right time. Since Petey was left behind I took her with us and attached her leash to the stroller.

For those of you who do not know Petey, she is a handful. She is now 13 years old but she's little so age has not slowed her one bit. She is nippy and jumpy and huffs and puffs when she's on the leash. She charges other dogs, darts in and out in front of you. She is basically a nightmare dog that we have grown to love.

We were on the sidewalk when Petey did her "business". Now remember she was attached to the stroller. I bent over to pick up her business, taking my hand OFF the stroller. You see where this is going? I looked up and Petey was happily pulling the stroller down the sidewalk. She wasn't running necessarily but she's little and fast and I had to trot to catch up to them all the while picturing them careening into traffic. I grabbed the stroller handle and was mortified because 2 women were jogging towards us. They laughed and said, "Don't worry, we would have caught him. We have kids too!"

Guess I'm officially in the Mom Club. Never thought I'd get here.


La Rodriga said...

You have club it is :)
About napping, my youngest, Madelyn, would pull the same thing with fussiness. I finally would push her as long as I could, then put her down around noon. She started giving me some good 3 hour naps, even though it was only one nap a day. Just thought I'd share! It worked for her, but every kid is so different.

Smiths said...

I have no idea what you and those moms are talking about. None. At all. (none i'm willing to write about-we'll talk soon :)

As for the nap thing- babywise really helped us. Just an idea.

Stephanie said...

Your Petey sounds just like our Petey..."a nightmare dog we have grown to love", so true! Of course we were sad when he passed away about 2 years ago, but we both acknowledged right away...that was one neurotic dog.
Good luck with the naps!