Sunday, December 19, 2010

I've been remiss...

Oops...guess that's what happens when life catches up to you. Add the holidays and my need to stress myself out by making a ton of crafts and you get one busy mama.

TK has been going to day care for 2 weeks now. It's tough that we only see him for a few hours a night but he seems to be having a good time there and I know the ladies love him. How could you not? He continues to be a mellow, easy-going little guy and Ben and I continue to think we are pretty damn lucky.

A few new things:

-TK has been shaking his head when we shake our heads at him. He thinks this is pretty funny.
-He loves to bounce. He bounces himself by himself if ababa isn't available to bounce him.
-He loves old school R&B and hip hop. Clearly, we were made for each other.
-Walking is just around the corner! He's taken a few tentative steps without his hand on something but is still pretty cautious about letting go. We're hoping he'll be walking when we go to Hawaii next month. Can you imagine him toddling around on the beach?

Thanksgiving was great, nice and mellow but we realized that packing up for 2 adults, 1 baby and 2 dogs can be a bit much for just 3 days away in Lincoln City. He did fine in the car but we're glad we didn't attempt the 10+ hour drive to the Bay area, despite wishing I was with my family for the holiday.

We went to our friend's tree trimming party and he had a great time kicking off the holiday season. I'm determined to make this the best gosh darn Yuletide EVER for his first. I know he won't remember and we will only have photos to remind us but I want to do everything I can to make his childhood a fantastic one. Ben and I decorated the tree while he was napping and when he came out in ababa's arms he looked at the tree all lit up and said, "Ooooo." I think that means he loved it.

Watching ababa cook Thanksgiving dinner:

Thunder thighs!

At the beach!

Petey had too much holiday cheer.

Love my ababa

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Yay! Holidays!

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Smiths said...

So SOOOOO so busy. That's life as a mom I think. I'm still working on the ballance thing.
I totally know what you mean about wanting to make each experience the best EVER, even if they don't remember it. The pictures, memories and stories to tell are/will be priceless.
Wouldn't that be rad if T starts walking while in Hawaii? Our T first started walking with you guys in Seatle :)