Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas, Baby!

We didn't go overboard on gifts for TK this year since he's so young and we knew he would be just as happy opening an empty box as he would be with any gifts. Although I do have to say that two of his presents he did like a lot, his cart and his squeaky teether. If any of you know Sophie the Giraffe you may be happy to know she has a friend shaped like a mushroom that is also a big hit with the teething set.

He has been pushing his cart all over the place. We just have to work on learning how to turn around. We also recently caught him using it like a skateboard. I was so proud.

He loved opening presents with his ababa! He actually got pretty good at it except for when he tried to eat the paper.

The rest of the photos are from our Christmas evening which was spent at The Harper's with some other friends coming over to celebrate. Poor little guy was such a trooper! He did not get much of an afternoon nap, more like an afternoon "rest" but he was so good the whole night. He stayed up till past 8 but was just peacefully resting on my lap until we headed home. We are so lucky to have such a mellow guy!

You can see in this one how tired he is...

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