Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Linkage

There’s lots of interesting stuff being written out there. I, personally, have been consumed by anything related to the shooting in Tucson. It is appalling to me on so many levels: the fact that Loughner was able to buy the semiautomatic Glock that he used to kill 6 and injure 19; the fact that a certain half-assed governor has still not apologized for her crosshair map which, while it certainly did not cause Loughner to take up arms and murder, it contributed to the vitriol nature of political discourse; the fact that 45% of all mental health recipients in Pima County, AZ got cut from services in 2010.

It is just impossible for me to not look at the murders through a political lens. Sorry Jon Stewart.

From Truth Dig:
“The accused gunman, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, appears to be deranged. But this fact does not automatically absolve the politicians, partisan activists and professional loudmouths who spew apocalyptic anti-government rhetoric full of violent imagery. Certainly only someone ‘unbalanced’ would spray a crowd with deadly gunfire. Only someone on the fringe—of society, of sanity—might conceivably hear a slogan such as ‘Don’t retreat, instead—reload!’ and think it not a stirring political metaphor but a direct order.”

Because I firmly believe that allies have the duty to continually examine the ways they are privileged, a post from Declassified Adoptee on privilege.

Adoption language can be tricky for an adoptive mama who tries so hard to be respectful of baby boy's biological family, particularly his enat. Thought provoking post from Adoption Critique.

And from an adoptive mama that I happen to actually know on Staring. I have been there. How do you go about communicating to another "conspicuous family" that you are in the same conspicuous boat? Creepy staring is the only thing I've come up with too.

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