Friday, February 11, 2011

Sand and Sea.

We were lucky enough to be able to take Mr. Littles to Hawaii for a week in January. That was the reason I completely missed a Martin Luther King, Jr. day post, we were just too busy getting ready.

The flight there was 5 hours and Mr. did very well. He had a couple of short naps, played with us, ate some crappy airline food and basically continued to amaze us with how easy-going and good natured he is.

Ben's sister and brother (and his family) live on the North Shore on Oahu and his parents were there for a few weeks from Utah. It was great to be able to introduce the baby to his family, especially his 3 cousins. We went swimming every day, got to soak up some sun, listen to the waves, eat sand (baby only) and basically just spend 7 days in a semi-relaxed state. Ben nailed it when he said that going on a trip with a baby isn't a vacation, it's a visit. While we weren't able to lounge around on the beach for hours in the sun like we've done on past Hawaii vacations, we were able to bring our babe to one of our favorite places in this world. Not many people are that lucky.

He did awesome with the time change while we were in Hawaii. He napped for a few hours in the morning and did a short nap in the afternoons, post-swim. The trip home was also uneventful (save for an entire outfit that had to be tossed after a particularly gruesome blow out diaper). There was a couple on the plane who were lucky enough to not have anyone sit in their 3-seat row so they offered to switch with us so babe could have his own seat. People can be really giving sometimes. The lady who sat behind Mr. said an hour into the flight, "Oh, I didn't even know you had a baby, he's so quiet." There was more of a difficulty in the adjustment home. We landed really, really late, of course our luggage was the last off the plane. Babe was pretty miserable and exhausted. Poor guy only got 6 hours of sleep before being whisked off to day care the next morning. His adjustment back to our time zone was a minor bump but then he was back to a great sleep schedule.

I will continue to say it every day. Ben and I are so unbelievably lucky.

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Smiths said...

You three are missed around here. Oh, that Tariku is a gem.