Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1 Year Ago or Why I don't use the word "starving" anymore.

One year ago today I got this photo of Mr. Littles.

One year ago the social worker at my agency called me in the middle of the afternoon and said she had some information for us, did I want her to send me the referral? We got 5 photos and a very lean medical and personal file. Very lean. Holt's not so big on the getting of information.

In this photo Mr. Littles is 11 days old. And very very little. Very. He was, quite literally, starving.

My sweet, chubby Little Babes.

I've spent time around other starving babies. When I was in Haiti I met the most malnourished little slip of a baby. My heart still hurts for her.

But this time, it's different.
This time it is my dearest babe.
And that's why I quit using the word "starving" to describe a state of hunger.
While I am prone to hyperbole and exaggeration, it's an epidemic that deserves reverence.


semiferalmama said...

Holy crap... I have never seen a referral picture like that. You must have been so scared. Yeah, Holt, they kind of suck on the communication thing, but I will give them some credit - they sure did fatten up that beautiful little boy.

Melanie said...

Yeah they did. But mostly that's the nannies love. Amazing women.

one happy family said...

Our referral pic for my first child from Ethiopia is just like that. He was like a little starving bird at four months old. Your child is beautiful, and I am so happy he is now healthy.