Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is one of the first photos we got of Little Babes. It was taken in the Care Center and the one thing almost everyone commented on was how much they liked the hyena shirt. Ben, in particular, loved the hyena shirt. If you know me well you may know that I have a thing about stains. I'm kinda obsessed with NOT having stains or spills or what-have-yous on cloth items. So I wasn't in love with it.

A few months after we were back in Portland I was at my favorite consignment store, Bella Stella. What did I find there? A shirt with the exact same hyena print. The.exact.same.

What are the chances? What are the chances that a baby in a hyena onesie in Ethiopia would end up in Portland, our baby? And that the same onesie would be staring me in the face? Coincidence. Probably. But a strange one regardless.


Why am I thinking of this? This month it will be 6 months that the babe has been in Portland. 6 months is the magical time frame I came up with when I thought of when we would feel like a family, when I could honestly evaluate how "things were going."

We've settled into a routine. Some weeks we get it down better than others. Some weeks we're cranky and tired and things don't work right. Some weeks everything goes perfectly and we are satisfied with ourselves. But every week we fall more in love with Little Babes. Every week we miss our old life less and less. Every week things are put into better perspective.

Tomorrow Mr. Littles is having a procedure done that requires him to be anesthetized. I know everything will be fine. He's in very capable hands.


I worry.

Tonight I needed to have a little comfort. So I looked at this picture of this little baby in his hyena shirt. If he had to be somewhere other than with his first family maybe here was perfect.

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Smiths said...

I like the 6 month timeline thing- it's always good to reflect and see how far you've come... see how it's all stacking up. I do that constantly- maybe too much? :)
You guys make a great family. He's adorable and thriving in the life you're creating together. I feel so blessed to be able to see glimpses of all of this. See the love.
He's in our prayers, and so are the "capable hands". We'll get any details from Nana and Pop Pop.