Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Links

One of the most chilling articles I’ve read on the rise of the evangelical adoption movement. This article clearly illustrates the wrong reasons people adopt, the importance of reform in the adoption movement and the economic imbalances between “sending” countries and “receiving” countries. Sad all around.

Not a fan of Kobe Bryant. At.All. I didn’t appreciate his non-apology or the fact that he’s fighting the $100,000 fine that was levied against him for calling a ref a “fucking f@ggot.” Here’s a great explanation of why.

Heartbreaking experience of LosAngelista’s son being called the N-word. She handled it so graciously.


La Rodriga said...

Wow, Mel....I read the article on the evangelical movement in international adoptions. It was long...phew, but I made it.

Anyhow, you know that I believe in Jesus and try to live my life in a way that honors that, but I do not associate myself with the "evangelical" movement for the very reasons that this article addresses. Too often, supposed Christ followers do downright stupid and ignorant actions and defend it with the "God told me to" slogan. That angers me so much.

I just want you to know that there are those of us out there who follow Jesus, but still desire to do so in a way that is respectful of other cultures and who desire to preserve that culture through adoption. I have admired your approach to raising your little man incorporating the Ethiopian traditions, language, etc.

Just had to share that little bit... :)

Melanie said...

It's friends like you and my awesome in-laws that show me that not all Christians are bad. I just really dislike that segment of the adoption community and they are so vocal. It scares me.