Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little Babes 14 months old.

...loves blueberries, raspberries and bananas (ba-dadas, he calls them.)

...can sign: water, more, book, ball, hat, bath, milk, nite-nite, eat, toothbrush, fan.

...can say: mama, dada, ababa, book, hot, hat.

...can climb stairs, run, throw, flip pages, stand on his tip toes, tell us he's ready for a bath and bed, can ride his bike and push his cart.

...blows kisses for "good-bye"

...runs to us for hugs.

...likes to snuggle.

1 comment:

Smiths said...

I want to run to him for a hug :) So cute. I'm thinking about posibly maybe considering road trippin it to Oregon this summer. Maybe.

I actually knew the bib was one Ben wore. We also used it with Taj. So sweet.