Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Benner, Bigger, Better"

Happiest of birthdays to my husband. (I borrowed the title from my brother-in-law, Gabe, currently serving his mission in Brasil. That was from an email he sent to Ben yesterday.)

Hectic times in our household. Babes got sent home from day care and had to be out for another 24 hours for the pink eye that wasn't. Ben is in the midst of a massive culinary project that ends with a catered party (co-catered with our friend, Brian) on Saturday. Lots of pork including a whole pig, homemade chicharrones, kim chee, and pork pate. It seems like his birthday just snuck up on us with very little fan fare. Guess that happens more as the years tick by. I did manage to make a cake with strawberries from our yard and pea pesto linguine, peas also from the yard.* The garden is producing faster than we can get to it!

*Both recipes from If you enjoy cooking or just looking at recipes, I highly recommend that site.

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Smiths said...

Great cooking Mrs. Smith- seriously, I need to be making these sometime soon.

Sorry we didn't end up coming. I suppose I was getting a little ambitious considering the company I keep with me. Glad for the cooking fun Ben is having on his birthday weekend... do you think he'll still eat pork after this?