Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunny Day

We've been lucky to get a break in our otherwise dreary spring weather with a couple of sunny days sprinkled here and there. If you've never experienced Pacific NW weather then it will most likely be hard to describe what happens to Portlanders when the sun starts to shine, even if for just a couple of days. White legs everywhere, bikes, pedestrians, children run amok. Sunny, sweet chaos.

We pulled out the kiddie pool, which has actually never had a kid in it, bought an obnoxious plastic sprinkler thing and had a great time. The Little Babes loves water, loves the sun and loves to play with his mama and dada.

Even Carl got into the action. If by "action" you mean laying around in the shade and being cute.

This is the look I anticipate getting quite often in about 10 years, if not sooner.

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Smiths said...

adorable. That's an afternoon after my heart.