Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mischief Maker

It's official, we have a toddler. Our round little babe has morphed into a slimmer, craftier little boy. It didn't happen overnight but it did happen fast. I look at photos of him from last October and November and I wonder who is this little boy and what happened to my baby who was able to sit still and lacked the hand/eye coordination to pull the jar of chokeable cough drops off the shelf.

He talks all the time now. Mostly a lot of babbling but he can mimic us really well. Our current favorites are: pansa (New Mexican all the way!), Petey, up (which he uses for up or down but whatever), uh oh (right before he throws something on the floor).

He climbs all over the place. Anything that can be climbed, will be climbed. (As I type this he is precariously standing on the arm of the couch, looking out the window with the shade cord in his mouth. I'm such a good mama.) He likes going to the park but still prefers to stare at people than actually playing with toys. He's gotten a little pickier when it comes to food. He's off most meats except for fish and hot dogs. He still eats any and every fruit and, of course, cheese.

We're still working on the attachment with Emama piece of things. A slow work in progress with minor set-backs (at least in my mind they are). He still prefers Ababa over Emama but I'm trying not to let it hurt my feelings which I know isn't his fault anyway.

Here are a couple of photos of my little curious boy. He has figured out how to open the cabinet where we keep the good stuff.

A few months ago, he was swimming in these pajamas. Sniff.

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