Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas time was here again...

We spent Christmas with my family in California. I have to say that having a child is so much easier when you have family available to offset the demands that an almost two year old can have on you. Both of our families live in other states and I find myself getting jealous lately of my friends who have family that live in town. We made a conscious decision to live in Portland, not because we wanted to get away from family but because we didn't want to live in Las Cruces, NM anymore. As we've gotten older and, of course, with hindsight, we realize that there were wonderful things about being closer to our families as well as being in New Mexico. We still love Portland and know we are lucky to live in this great town, but our itching to move elsewhere is growing and we find ourselves discussing a move that will take us away from Oregon and closer to family.

Here are a few photos that sum up the great time we had over the holiday...

Opening presents at home before our trip:

After landing in Oakland, we met my family for a delicious Chinese lunch. Then we took Little Babes to Children's Fairyland. It's a 60 year old amusement park based on fairytales. It was appropriately run down and mildly creepy which Ben and I appreciated. Mr. Littles completely enjoyed himself and didn't notice the creepiness at all.

Christmas Eve and Christmas at my Auntie and Uncle's home, nicknamed Hotel Carino because everyone has stayed there and the door is always open. I don't think I've ever known someone to be turned away by my amazing Auntie and Uncle and no one walks in without hearing, "Are you hungry? Have you eaten?" which is Tagalog for "I love you."

And my favorite photo of the trip...

Little Babes was hanging out with my brother and my cousin came up to the window to say hello. There is just something about this photo that is so inviting and reminds me of why I love my family even when they drive me crazy.

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