Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Littles Turns Two

Nana and Pop Pop (Ben's parents) were in town for Babes big party day. It was so nice to have them, they were such a great support and I have to say that Babes has been talking non-stop about Pop Pop since they left. He loves his Nana too, but Pop Pop takes the cake!

I high-fived him today for climbing the stairs all by himself (As I stood directly behind him, I'm no dummy) and he said, "Pop Pop?"

The other day we were in a restaurant and a lady with light blonde hair walked by and he asked, "Nana?" It's hard to explain to a two year old the idea of distance.

Here are some photos from the big day and the big visit. As you can tell the harmonica was a HUGE hit. And we've been hearing it ever since. This kid has rhythm.