Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving, SoCal style

One of my best friends, Jason, who I've known since I was about 19 lives with his husband, Alex, in Long Beach, CA. We had seen them last September when we made a trip down to the Bay Area to visit my family. For Christmas this year, Ben gave me a trip to see them for Thanksgiving.

We had such a great time with "The Uncles." Mr. Littles is in full-on toddler mode and in a constant state of questioning and testing limits and trying to assert his independence, all of the things that being a toddler entails but can sometimes make traveling difficult.

We had been counting down the "night nights" until the airplane ride to see The Uncles. He was so excited to get on the plane. And, has been typical of all his plane trips, he was fantastic. We allowed him to watch some Yo Gabba Gabba! episodes while we were in flight. Otherwise he ate snacks, played with cars and was very pleasant.

He was also perfectly behaved at The Uncles. There were the tiny demanding moments, there was the waking up at 6am, but all in all, he was a very well behaved almost 3 year old.

He was fascinated by this statue. He would talk to it and hug it.

I know, you're shocked, I'm talking.

Best photo ever.

Lining up his trucks.

Thanksgiving dinner and guess who is jumping the gun.

At one point during Thanksgiving dinner, Little Babes decided that he DID NOT like sunflower seeds that were in the salad. He looked at me, then leaned over in his chair and spit one out onto the floor. It was HILARIOUS. But also a moment where you try not to laugh. But had to. You know what I mean.

Disneyland was a huge overload. He hates loud noises and did not want to get on any of the rides but was loving all the stimulation. No nap and he passed out in the car with a handful of goldfish crackers.

Aquarium. He is still talking about the fish, jellyfish and starfish he saw there. And that he went with Uncle Jason.

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