Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GO VOTE FOR ROOTS, no seriously.

I understand that not everyone has the funds to commit to any "charity" or organization. Some folks make it a priority, some contribute a big lump, some sprinkle it throughout the year. Other people intend  on donating but for whatever reason they never follow the link or write the check, all the while telling themselves, "Oh yeah. I need to do that!" We listen to OPB all the time and only just got around to becoming members in the last couple of years. And still other folks just don't care and want to keep their cash to themselves.

Whatever camp you may fall into, here's a non-money thing you can do to help support Roots Ethiopia. Go to this blog post and vote for Roots. If we win, we get $1,000 which we'll use to fund school scholarships. Cake and pie people, cake and pie.

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