Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some of us are not happy campers...

Since my plans to be in Ethiopia this week didn't work out and I had the time off, we decided to take a few days and rent a yurt on the Washington coast, Grayland Beach State Park to be exact.

It wasn't exactly the best weather and I was glad that we had the yurt with the heater and a covered porch to pass the time. I've always liked the idea of camping much more than actually camping. I wasn't raised to be a camper, my mom's idea of camping was grabbing a bucket of KFC and eating in a park so all the dirt and tents and nature is relatively a new idea. Ben was raised to camp, was a Scout until he was 18 and is generally Mr. Handy Nature Guy. I think he was really hoping I would evolve into a Camping Girl. Thus far that has not happened.

Unfortunately, I think our Mr. Littles is following in my spotless and expensive shoes. The first thing he asked when we got to the site was, "When are our friends coming?" And right before bed, "When are we going home?" He also said "I want to use the toilet!" when we told him he could pee outside. He was not pleased with his "scratchy bed."

On our way back from the yurt, we decided to stop in Long Beach (home of Jake the Alligator Man!) and then we decided to stay the night.

Love impromptu overnighters and I'm glad we had packed enough to get us through. When we pulled up to our hotel Little Babes said, "Oh our hotel! I love it!" Another point for Team Mama!

It'll be nice to return home today. We've eaten nothing but junk food, fried food, sweet food. But I guess that's what camping trips are all about right?

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Stephanie Hale said...

Yay for new posts! That photo of T and your dog on the beach is fantastic.