Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Our little family loves to travel. We are not good homebodies. On the weekend we are either outside doing work in the yard (not enough of this most of the year) or out and about. Ben and I have never liked to be at home and we've obviously instilled this in our son.

Our income affords us the privilege to be able to take mini vacations throughout the year. We could probably be saving the money or spending it on fixing up our home but getting away really recharges us and we love to explore new areas. It may be a brief trip to the coast (loving Long Beach, WA these days) or a long weekend to Oakland. Most recently we flew to Puerto Vallarta and stayed for a short time at an all-inclusive.

We hope our traveling continues to encourage our son's curiosity about the world around him. Being able to meet people outside of the US, hearing different languages, experiencing different cultures is one of the best gifts we are able to give him. It's the way towards acceptance and tolerance. We also hope that he realizes what a privilege and luxury it is to be able to travel. He was told more than once while in Mexico that most others in the world aren't able to spend time the way we were. I look forward to being able to expand on these conversations.

We learned we are not all-inclusive people. Portland has turned us into food snobs, again, lucky to live in a city with such brilliant restaurants. The food was not to our liking. The Mexican food served at the resort was great but anything else we found lacking. Additionally, the resort was further away from downtown than we would have liked. Before being parents, vacations meant a lot of walking for Ben and me. Taking a taxi to downtown was great (Mr. Littles even got to turn around in his seat and look out the back window!) but it would have been nice to be right in the thick of things.

Anyway, very little complaints about our dreamy Mexican vacation where it was 80s-90s and sunny every day. So much nicer than what we have going on in Portland. Looking forward to summer when we can hit the pool and the river as often as possible.

On the plane flying to Mexico

First restaurant at the resort

Hitting up the beach which was pretty murky. 
For some reason no one was swimming in the ocean.

Mr. Littles got to feed an iguana, peacock and some koi. 
He was so excited about all the animals at the resort.

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