Sunday, January 25, 2009

Healing Hands

The group that I will be going to Haiti with is called Healing Hands for Haiti. You can read about it here. Specifically, I am going with the Portland group, led by Gail, an acute rehab center nurse (who is tireless, by the way).

For those of you that do not know much about Haiti you can read this.

And for those of you not faint of heart or mind you can read about the plight of the children of Haiti here, but be warned, it is not a pretty picture.

It is my belief that with travel comes a greater appreciation and knowledge of culture, human experience, and the interdependence of all things. I do not go to be a passive observer, but to be an active learner. I don't think that we should shy away from places that are vastly different than our own, rather we should seek them out and continually question our own comfortable existence. The United States has greatly contributed to the problems that plague Haiti and the Haitian people and, although I do not deceive myself by thinking a two week trip can make a difference, hopefully my journey will influence my way of thinking, make me appreciate all the white, class privilege I have simply by the accident of my birth and allow me to share my stories with you.

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