Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Tonight is our official "packing party." Isn't it interesting that people always attach the word "party" to an event that is probably not going to be anything like a party? Painting party. Moving party. You get the drift. Basically the group will be getting together and arranging our stuff so that we don't have to pay any fees for carrying everything to Haiti. As you can see by the photo, I have quite a lot of donations to bring with me. I ended up with 9(!) vacuum bags of clothes, bibs, shoes, blankets, hats, a big tub of toys, and over $100 of medicine and first aid supplies. Thanks to everyone who chipped in and donated both money and goods to my adventure! It will all be used and appreciated.

We've been sent a tentative schedule for our time in Haiti and I can tell I will be kept very busy. I will try to blog as much as I can and download photos. Since I will be without Ben's technical savvy, I hope the process will be as easy as it is in the States. I haven't been nervous yet, although Gail's bug story did freak me out. At least I'll be sharing a room. Out of all of us there has to be someone who can smash a palm-sized bug. I think it makes me more anxious to have to share a bathroom with other people. Ditto on trying to sleep with other people who snore or nose-whistle. I hate a nose-whistler.

I did find these handy Kreyol phrases to use (not necessarily in this order):

Mwengendjare - I have diarrhea
Mwen anvi vonmi - I feel nauseated
Mwen grangou - I'm hungry
Mwen swaf anpil - I'm very thirsty
Nou ta vle manje - We would like to eat



Smiths said...

Packing is serious business. I only have to pack for two more than myself and struggle, but you are packing for a nation- where does one begin? Hope you don't have to use most of the Kreyol phrases:)

BenBen said...

I know that nose-whistling comment was lobbed in my direction. Wheeeeeeet!