Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Long Haul

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale! Got in at 11:05pm and will be hanging out in the airport until 8:00am when our flight to Port au Prince leaves. There was some debate about crashing at a team members hotel room, but the idea of actually figuring out how to get the hotel tired us out so much that we decided to stay here. Unfortunately the benches have armrests which means we will have to sleep on the floor. That idea sort of grosses me out.

I will sign off until we reach the guesthouse tomorrow. I'm told that the ride from the airport to the guesthouse is an interesting one and that I will be wanting to take tons of pictures. So, stay tuned!

Addendum to this post:
What I have realized about trying to sleep in the Fort Lauderdale Airport:
1. No matter how good you think the ear plugs are they will never drown out the death wail of the dog that is the elevator right next to you. Seriously, does WD-40 not exist in Florida?
2. The intercom is on a timed loop. I can now recite by heart the announcements about not leaving bags and vehicles unattended, where the pet relief site is and that we are now on an orange alert.
3. The employees are completely oblivious to the 8 or so people attempting to sleep in the airport. Particularly the gentleman who was singing at 4am.
4. The floor at the Fort Lauderdale airport is not as comfortable as it looks.
5. Despite previously thinking that my hips were much too thick, I now know that there is not nearly enough padding on them to accommodate a sideways sleeping position.
6. I hate the woman who records the announcement loop.

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