Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh baby.

Last night/this morning was my turn to get up with the baby. Usually I am very lucky and he gives his emama a little extra dozing time.

Oh little manfriend.

Last night/this morning he woke up at 9pm, 1:15am, 3:30am, and was up for good at 5:30am. Honestly I am so grateful for Ben. Single parents, you are amazing and I am very humbled.

Once Ben got up, I went to bed. Not only did Ben get the kid to sleep at 8:30am, but he slept for 3 hours. Unheardof! He never has ever napped that long before.

We had a good, happy day hanging out at the house. Ben and TK took Carl out for a walk ( Carl has been acting up a little. I think he's wondering when the interloper is leaving.)

TK got all dudded up in his Trailblazers outfit and ababa made some good Game 1 food!

Oh baby, thanks for a great day.

Please go easy on us tonight.

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Stephanie said...

"emama", I love it.