Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So...what's his story?

So far we haven't been asked too many questions about TK's story. You know, the big story. The Why-was-he-put-up-for-adoption-story. And as far as stories that are based in heartache and sadness go, his is pretty straightforward.

But all adoption stories are rooted in sadness. Every time we hear "He is such a lucky boy!" it makes us cringe. If you know anything about adoption you would know TK is not lucky. Ben and I are the lucky and privileged ones.

We are lucky that we were chosen completely at randomto parent this boy, this son.

We are privileged to be able to go through the adoption process, which, as a big business, prices families out of adoption.

TK is many things. But lucky isn't one of them.

And the one thing he has, that will always be his and no one else's, is his story, the words from his father. It just isn't ours to tell.

So friends and family who read this blog ( if you read this blog ), please don't get your feelings hurt when we don't tell you or maybe even say it's none of your beez-wax. Nothing personal ( unless you get pushy ).

Here's a link to The blog of an adoptive mother who says it much more eloquently than me.

My fascinating life: The One With All The Privacy


Smiths said...

Thank you for the perspective. Unlike Claudia, and most adults I don't think things through as much as I should before I say them. Just know that I never mean anything by it. Love you. Love that little man. Good luck with the sleep thing. Ugh.

Melanie Smith said...

I can't wait to get to Hawaii! He will love his auntie and uncle and cousins. Sleep thing is getting slightly better. Slept for 10 hours straight last night.