Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Snapshots


Smiths said...

His lips in that second photo are so cute- like he's concentrating really hard.
As for the good hair blog... I've concluded the defensive/protective of our young thing to be a universal symptom of being a parent. We want to protect our kids from all the bad in the world. I just have to remind myself that most people have good intentions and that I don't need to give my kids a complex for my own hangups/assumptions. I'm learning SO much through these little people.

Melanie said...

I've read too many blogs about race to think that everyone has good intentions towards my son. It's not something he can afford me not paying attention to.

His lips are adorable! When he's concentrating he pooches them out and his little tongue pokes out between. I want to bite them!

Smiths said...

Ok, unfortunately that is true and it is our job to try and protect them.

Taffy emailed us the link to the photo shoot. While I was pregnant with Taj I had a vivd dream of my Dad holding our baby (ies) smiling and saying, "isn't he/she precious". I kept thinking "isn't he precious" while I looked at the pics. You guys really are a beautiful family.