Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Who knew that all I had to do to get Ben to shave his beard was get him to dress up for Halloween? I don't know what this says about us but, besides my glasses and Ben's shorts (hemmed on the fly!), we owned all those clothes.


*~~**~~**~ Sheree said...

So funny! Wish I could get Scott to shave his :-) Ben looks so different!

Smiths said...

I have a few questions: What is Ben coaching? How to get good candy? Or maybe you're going for a "Hare and Tortoise" type of lesson for Tariku and Ben's coaching him along. I'm envisioning you doing a lot of cheering in your get-up. YOu look great. What did you guys do on Halloween? What did Tariku think of it all? and finally, Did you guys dress up before having the little guy? Micah and I love having kids on holidays and thank them for bringing the fun back.