Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patchin'

I think we've started a little tradition with going to the Pumpkin Patch. Isn't that what the holidays are all about though? This year is Mr. Littles first time going Trick or Treating. I'm so excited! I think it's an incredible thing that adults get to relive the magic of the holidays a second time through their children. You know you go through those handful of years where the holidays are good but not MAGICAL. Once you have children you get to enjoy the nostalgia of good and bad holidays past, and the joy of watching your kid experience it for the first time, the nostalgia-in-the-making. Parents are lucky in that regard.

This year we went to the Pumpkin Patch with one of my oldest friends and her daughter. Little Miss E is Little Babes best friend so it was great to have them get to do this together. He loved the hay ride this year. He is now making hay rides at home, loves to see all things pumpkin (got upset when Ben said he couldn't watch Halloween Resurrection because he saw a pumpkin) and "scary monsters." He alternately loves and is worried about scary monsters.

We've started another ritual of Friday night movie and pizza night. We get or make pizza (Dove Vivi is THE BEST EVER) and watch a video on Netflix or iTunes. It goes strongly against my No TV issue that I have (is a movie and a few Yo Gabba Gabba! episodes a week too much? ugh! who knows if I'm rotting my kid's brain!) but I do enjoy getting to see a movie (Not Tale of Despereaux, that was a stinker) and watching Little Babes see a movie. So far his favorites have been Up and Nightmare Before Christmas. He keeps asking to see the "red bird movie" and the "'keleton movie." We can't find the Jungle Book anywhere so I may just have to buy the damn thing? Who am I this mama who contemplates buying Disney movies? Gross.

Any suggestions for movies that do not have violence or fighting, not too mind-numbing for adults, that are pre-1990s Disney (if you love Disney) are welcome in the comments section. Bonus points for characters of color, strong female characters or any other lefty, do gooder messages that you think this lefty, do gooder would appreciate.

Watching the hay ride drive away. "Ma! They going? They coming back? Where they going? Why?"

I love the hands in the pockets. He's such a little boy these days. *sniff*

At this point there was a discussion of a big dinosaur going "Rawr!"

Running on top of the hay bale maze. This kid is crazy energetic.

Sable is watching the boys scoop the pumpkins. She would love to grab a bite.

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