Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trick or treat!

These are the bags I made for Little Babes and Little Miss E. They have some pre Trick or Treat goodies in them and then they can take them around with them. They hold the perfect amount of candy.

See! Sometimes I can be one of those blogger moms who does EVERYTHING.

Also, does anyone have the Candy Witch come visit them after Halloween? Do you wait a week? A couple of days? What is the Candy Witch protocol?


David Leventhal said...

very crafty indeed!

Who the heck is the Candy Witch? And how have I never heard of her? What's her role? Does she take excess candy away or (God forbid) bring more??

Melanie said...

The Cabdy Witch takes away excess candy and replaces it with other treats like books, crayons, etc. I just need to decide on the backstory.

Melanie said...